"Keeping quantity low, and QUALITY high with intimate workshops"​​​​​​​
I believe that the perfect picture starts with adventure. One where you have lots of space to let your creativities flow. Traveling through the world, chasing the light is what drives me to create images that showcase nature at its very best. The world has no shortage of raw beauty and I want to share some of my favorite spots with you. Let me take you on an adventure of a lifetime, capturing images that wanderers crave and sharing my highly detailed processing “secrets”. Welcome to my photo world, want to tag along? -Ramtin (Rammy) Kazemi

Photos by Erik Kuna

Scouting trip alert! We’re going to the Badlands of South Dakota! Trip will start August 31, 2024. I’ll be there a week before and will be pre-scouting the area for days before you get there. So It’s going to be fantastic. The pictures you see are all from the area by a friend, Erik Kuna who shared his images with us so you can see what’s possible. As you know, I like to visit areas that are not shot to death and this is one of those places. There’s going to be night/Astro photography opportunities on top of sunrise/sunset shoots so what we can do there is endless. There will be some hiking but nothing too challenging.
I’m only taking 3-4 people with me. Transportation is covered by me. You fly into Rapid City and I’ll pick you up from there on August 31, 2024. I’m going to leave meals and accommodations to be on you, however, I’m going to take care of the booking and arrangements.
If you’re in, please email me to secure your spot. If you’re serious about coming, please contact me using the contact page.
Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate
January 13-17 2025 [3 SPOTS OPEN]
(All inclusive with lodging)
Level: Easy-Moderate
Tuition: $5295 USD (Nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot: $800 USD)

Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate
Tuition: $6295 (Nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot: $1000 USD)​​​​​​​
Included: All transportation including cable cars, Accommodations​​​​​​​
(Exact time will be posted later when we are allowed to book for tombstone, it will always be end of august to beginning of September, BUT YOU CAN SECURE YOUR PLACE BY PUTTING A DEPOSIT NOW, TO PROCEED PLEACE CONTACT RAMMY)
Difficulty Level: Moderate-Difficult
Tuition: $4985 (Nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot: $1000 USD)​​​​​​​
Included: Helicopter flight into the park, All transportation
Keep your eyes out for my scouting trips! I'll announce them once a trip is planned. Keep in mind that most of my scouting trips are only announced through my mailing list and not posted online. So do not miss the chance and sign up HERE.
EASY:  Minor hiking (less than 30 minutes each day), Very little to no elevation gain.
MODERATE: About an hour of hike each day with some elevation gain.
DIFFICULT: More than 1 hour of hiking each day, some elevation gain and camping in colder temperatures is involved.

Note: I always have private scouting trips happening throughout the year. The idea is that you're going to pay me a fee to come along and scout an area you've always dreamed of photographing and I'll make it happen! If you're interested, please contact me  as they will not be listed to purchase on my website
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