I believe that the perfect picture starts with adventure. Traveling through the WORLD, chasing the light is what drives me to create images that showcase nature at its very best. The World has no shortage of raw beauty and I want to share some of my favorite spots with you. Let me take you on an adventure of a lifetime, capturing images that wanderers crave and sharing my highly detailed processing “secrets”. Welcome to my photo world, want to tag along? -Ramtin Kazemi
June 28-July 2 / 2021 (ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT)
July 5-9 / 2021 (ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT)
(All inclusive with lodging)
Level: Easy
Tuition : $5995 USD (EarlyBird)
Due now as NON-REFUNDABLE deposit: $1000 USD
August 28 - SEPTEMBER 1 / 2021 [3 SPOTS LEFT]
Level: Moderate-Difficult
Tuition: $4695 USD (Early Bird Pricing)
Due now as NON-REFUNDABLE deposit: $700 USD
Included: Helicopter flight into the park, All transportation
January / 2022 [SOLD OUT]
(All inclusive with lodging)
Level: Easy
Tuition : $4795 USD (For KelbyOne pricing, please contact)
Due now: $600 USD (Non-refundable)
DATE: TBA (2021)
Madeira is one of those islands that has not been photographed much and it has lots of potentials. It has been on my list for a long time and here's your chance to explore it with me. I am only taking 3 clients on this trip.
Price: $3650 USD
Duration of trip: Minimum 6-7 nights
Non-refundable deposit to secure your spot: $700
Included: All accommodations and transportation from Funchal airport
Not included: Food
Contact Rammy for details. (The images above are all from 500px. It's a screenshot of existing images by other photographers so I do not own the copyright to any of them. They are there to give you an idea of what the island looks like. I made sure to do it from 500px so every photographer's name is on them)
EASY:  Minor hiking (less than 30 minutes each day), Very little to no elevation gain.
MODERATE: About an hour of hike each day with some elevation gain.
DIFFICULT: More than 1 hour of hiking each day, some elevation gain and camping in colder temperatures is involved.

WORKSHOPS: My workshops are designed for more comfort and more hands on teaching. It's for those who want to experience these epic locations with more comfort and learn everything about photography and also learn my secrets on how I get my images
PHOTO TOURS: These tours are designed for the more adventurous. Also there is no specific itinerary in these tours. We chase the light and do whatever we have to do to get that money shot ;) For those who need to learn more, all you have to do is ask when we're shooting.

Remember: I always have private scouting trips happening throughout the year. The idea is that you're going to pay me a small fee to come along. Your're responsible for your own accommodation and food, but I will be taking care of transportation once we meet (I drive). You'll get to learn a lot with me, no doubt. If you're interested, please contact me  as they will not be listed to purchase on my website.
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