One on One Post Processing Lessons
The perfect picture will never be completed without post processing in the digital dark room. I offer personal one on one sessions online where I take Your images, edit them live with You over the Internet and You get to watch the whole process from start to finish. I promise that You'll be surprised about how much You can get from your RAW files.
Price: $99 USD per session (Minimum: 60 Mins - Maximum: 90 Mins)
What You Need:
-Skype (Free version) Installed on your computer -A Microphone connected to your computer.
How It Works:
First, I need your RAW files... You'll pick one image for me to edit, then You'll log in to your free Skype account and we'll start a session. I'll start my process and explain each and every step in detail. You can also ask questions... Lots of Photoshop fun! IMPORTANT: I'll determine whether your photograph meets the requirements for the session. In some cases, I might instead, choose an image from my own gallery. That way I can ensure that we have the materials we need for completing a successful lesson!
Please contact me for info and my schedule on these lessons.
Rammy is a KelbyOne instructor and has many detailed classes on both on-location and post processing available at Please click HERE to view his training courses. This is exclusive for KelbyOne members and you need a membership to access them, however, there are many subscription options available.
I offer public presentations about my landscape imagery and general photography. Different topics are available to choose from. My slides include information about composition, lighting, post processing, wide-field astrophotography, planning, you name it... I've got it all! It just depends on what you are looking for. All of my presentations will have beautiful images to talk about. I can go through each image and explain the thought process behind my photography and how I get my results. If you'd wish me to speak at your events, please kindly do send me a message and we'll discuss further!
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